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  • Subscriptions are only open to residents of Canada and the USA

  • No refunds will be provided on any plan once a payment is recieved

  • Plans may be cancelled any time before the 1st of every month, after the selected commitment period ends

  • Other than hijabs, all other products included in the LOOT BOX will be selected by Alisra's team and kept as a surprise for the subscriber

  • If the subscriber does not list preferred hijabs in this survey, Alisra's team will select the hijabs on behalf of the subscriber

  • The subscriber will receive an email to allow them to select hijabs for their LOOT BOX every month. If the subscriber does not reply to the email before the 15th of each month, Alisra's team reserves the right to select the hijabs on behalf of the subscriber 

  • All selected hijabs must not be listed as "out of stock" on the website (

  • If the subscriber selected other member groups to be considered for the selection of items to be included in their LOOT BOX, this does not mean that those members will receive items every month

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